World Cancer Day 2023: How does cancer treatment affect hair growth?

When this time of year rolls around, World Cancer Day can bring up many differing feelings for all of us. Some of us participate in charity runs and donating, yet some of us feel misunderstood and alone. Here at UKLASH, we want to ensure that your feelings around World Cancer Day are normalised. So, here’s everything you need to know about World Cancer Day 2023 and the World Cancer Day quotes and testimonials you need.


Wondering when World Cancer Day is? You can expect the day to fall on 4th February 2023. So you still have a little bit of time to book your charity bake-off spot, get practising for your charity run, or anything in between! 


A lot of people who have undergone chemotherapy, struggle with changing hair patterns and often hair loss. As conventional cancer treatments target rapidly multiplying cells, hair follicles often fall into the line of fire. Typically, hair falls out within two months of starting treatment and can take up to four months after completing treatment to grow back - and that’s without the help of Hair Growth Serum.

For more on hair growth after Chemo, read our article ‘Growing eyelashes after chemo’ now. 



"After undergoing 3 months of chemotherapy, I lost all the hair on my head. This was upsetting but could be hidden with hats and wigs. It was towards the end of my treatment that my eyebrows and eyelashes started falling out. I felt so ugly and began to avoid going out because I couldn’t bear the way people stared at my appearance.

I found UKLASH online and thought that I had nothing to lose by trying it. My order arrived within a week and I started using it whilst still in hospital. Within a few weeks I noticed new growth and after only 3 months, I had darker and longer lashes than I’ve ever had. I’ve had so many comments from people who can’t believe I’m not wearing any mascara. I have recommended the UKLASH Eyelash Serum and UKBROW Eyebrow Serum to many other cancer patients and even to friends who are going through the menopause, experiencing thinning of their eyebrows and lashes. They have had success with the products after my recommendation.

These serums gave me back my confidence and helped me to feel normal again. Thank you!"




"My name is Angelina Hardy and I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 26 years old, and when you're told you're going to be having cancer treatment, often this includes chemotherapy, which means hair loss. I started chemotherapy in February 2021, and I had complete hair loss from head to toe, including my eyelashes and eyebrows - This truly devastated me.

I finished chemotherapy in June 2021 and slowly my hair returned, but my eyebrows and eyelashes didn't grow back like before. That's when I read up on UKLASH and after seeing some incredible reviews and results, I decided to give the UKLASH Eyelash Serum and UKBROW Eyebrow Serum a try!

I began my journey with my serums in December 2021 and after just 1 month of use, the results have been absolutely incredible! As someone who didn't think her eyelashes and eyebrows would ever look the same pre-cancer, this has truly blown me away. 

I cannot recommend these serums enough, they deliver real results!"



These beautiful World Cancer Day quotes have truly resonated with the UKLASH team, which is why we will be donating AED‌5.00 from every UKLASH purchase made between the 4th-6th Feb to CoppaFeel - a charity that is close to Angelina's heart.

Make sure to enter the code DONATE at checkout to make your donation. 


So, now that you’ve learned everything you need to know about World Cancer Day, Chemo and hair loss, and the World Cancer Day quotes and testimonials you need, head over to UKLASH for all the hair growth products you need! 

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